Der 16. Weltkongress für Philosophie

Volume 3, 1983

Sektions-Vorträge II - Résumés des sections II - Section Papers II

Elfriede Walesca Tielsch
Pages 573-580

The Actual Power of the Scientifically Justified Norms

The period of enlightenment, in an enormous world-wide experiment once more tried to only "deduce" norms, by simply teaching Science. Empirical antiquity, in contrast to this Platonic-Aristotelean concept, already realised, that only special mental faculties, as fore-sight or possibility-choice, adequately transform scientific knowledge into corresponding norms of behavior, and consequently instituted separate teaching-processes for the induction of scientific laws or "convictions". Even such scientifically justified values, however, can never compete with the fascination and power of the "ready-made" mere customs, moral commandments, religions or ideologies of all times.