Der 16. Weltkongress für Philosophie

Volume 3, 1983

Sektions-Vorträge II - Résumés des sections II - Section Papers II

Archie J. Bahm
Pages 75-78

Axiology: The Science of Values

I. NATURE OF SCIENCE. Components: problems, attitude, methods, activities, conclusions, effects. Science able to generalize about values. II. NATURE OF VALUES. Distinctions needed: good-bad, ends-means, subjective-objective, apparent-real, actual-potential. Intrinsic goods: feelings of pleasure (Hedonism), satisfaction (Voluntarism), enthusiasm (Romanticism), contentment (Anandism), singly or mingled (Organicism). Subjective values objectified (einfuhlung) like concepts in percepts. Real intrinsic values: feelings in other persons; naively reified values.