Der 16. Weltkongress für Philosophie

Volume 1, 1983

Eröffnungs- und Schluß-Sitzung - Plenarsitzungen - Abendvorträge

J.M. Gvishiani
Pages 381-386

Management of Scientific and Technological Progress

Under present conditions the management of Science and technology development presupposes solution of a wide ränge of philosophical Problems. The deep-rooted contradictory nature of the social goals and achievements of the scientific and technological progress often leads either to irrational or procee- ding from positivistic scientism Interpretation of management processes. Ade- quate perception of these processes requires a deep insight into the dialectical method with respect to new realities. The paper treats the most urgent of these Problems, particularly the interaction between the subject and object in the management of the scientific and technological progress.