Cover of Teaching Philosophy Today

Teaching Philosophy Today

Second Edition

Terrell Ward Bynum and Arnold Wilson, Editors

This volume is a completely reworked edition of papers that emerged from the First National Workshop-Conference on Teaching Philosophy, held at Union College in 1976. This event was a milestone in the so-called "philosophy teaching movement" that arose in the late 1960s and early 70's in response to the flood of "nontraditional" students entering American higher education -- students who, previously, would not have gone to college. Originally published in 1977, this new edition contains important work that remains relevant and helpful for philosophy teaching today.

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  • Contributors include Eva Brann, Marcia Cavell, Paul Feyerabend, Michael Goldman, Alison Jaggar, Abraham Kaplan. Richard Schmitt, Leslie Stevenson, Frederick Suppe, and several others.

    "The conclusions in this volume range from radical to conservative in content, and interesting to brilliant in quality."
    — Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association (1979)

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    · ISBN 978-1-889680-91-0 · Second edition, 206 pages · 2012 · Online or Print ·

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