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Thank you for your interest in submitting articles to The Philosophers' Magazine. The following notes are not rules set in stone, but they do give you an idea of what we need to help you decide how or if to proceed.

  • Please do not send unsolicited manuscripts as these cannot be read. In the first instance, send an outline of what it is you wish to write, or have already written.

  • Always look at the articles already in the magazine to get an idea of the kind of article we might use.

  • Our writing is non-technical and presupposes no prior knowledge.

  • Our style is more like that of a literary or political magazine than a journal. We want articles, not "papers".

  • We are particularly interested in pieces that do not contain your personal ideas about philosophy but which report on issues of concern to philosophers: e.g. reportage, intellectual debates, historical research and discoveries, the application of philosophy outside academia, involvement of philosophers in matters of wider concern.

  • We are always keen to publish articles relating to new (not self-published) books of philosophy. If your book concerns matters of interest to those outside the academy as well as within and you can convey those in a non-technical manner, get in touch.

  • It is important to remember that we are a magazine and not a journal. This means we are not the place for the first publication of substantive, new ideas by people trying to make their name in the field.

  • We reflect what is going on the world of philosophy, for better or worse. That means we only publish original essays by philosophers with a track record, usually on subjects they have been working on for recent and new books. If you are trying to make your name in philosophy you should try to publish in peer-reviewed journals or with reputed academic book publishers.

  • Articles for our single-issue forums are usually solicited from acknowledged experts in particular fields.

  • We are always open to suggestions, but please send proposals first - not full articles.

We look forward to hearing from you!

James Garvey, Editor
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Jeremy Stangroom, New Media Editor
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