The Teaching of Philosophy: An International Enquiry of UNESCO



    Prof. Georges Canguilhem

Committee of Experts

  • Prof. Guido Calogero - University of Rome, Director of the Italian Institute of Culture, London.
  • Prof. Georges Canguilhem - Inspector-General of Philosophy Teaching in France
  • Prof. Eugen Fink - University of Freiburg, Germany
  • Prof. Donald Mackinnon - University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom
  • Senator Ibrahim Madkour - Member of the Academy of the Arabic Language
    Honorary Prof. at Fuad I University, Cairo
  • Prof. Gustave Monod - Honorary Director of Secondary Education in France, Honorary Prof. of Philosophy
  • Prof. Merritt H . Moore - Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois, USA
  • Prof. N. A. Nikam - University of Mysore, Secretary-General of the Indian Philosophical Congress
  • Prof. Humberto Piñera Llera - University of Havana, Chairman of the Cuban Philosophic Society
  • Prof. H. J. Pos - University of Amsterdam, Chairman of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies
  • Miss Suzanne Delorme - observer for Prof. Pos in his absence
  • Prof. Pere Bosch-Gimpera - Head of the UNESCO Division of Philosophy and Humanistic Studies
  • Mr. Jacques Havet - UNESCO Division of Philosophy and Humanistic Studies

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