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Theoria. Revista de Teoría, Historia y Fundamentos de la Ciencia

Volume 17, Issue 1, Enero 2002

María Ruz, Pío Tudela, Juan José Acero
Pages 81-112

La Conciencia Explicada Por Dennett
Una Revision Critica Desde La Neurociencia Cognitiva

This paper contains two sections. In the first one, some ideas on human mind Dennett presents in his book Consciousness Explained are sketched. In the second section, a critical review is made on Dennett's Multiple Drafts Theory. It is concluded that some of its proposals do not find enough experimental support from research on Cognitive Neuroscience. Even though there is no cardinal point in the brain, both functional and anatomical criteria can be found to distinguish conscious and unconscious information processing in the human brain

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