Theoria: An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science

Volume 10, Issue 2, Mayo 1995

Víctor Sanchez de Zavala
Pages 81-108

Towards a less simple but sounder (psychological) Pragmatics II

This paper addresses first the appticability of the main notions included in the general notion meant item, meant partial situation (MPST), meant activity (MACT), and implicitly meant background situation (IMBST) -that of meant agent will be only mentioned in an aside-, plus the notion meaning activity (MNGACT). It will be shown that, when coupled to other notions, such as ‘ontological status’ of IMBST relative to the focussed (part of) current situation (FCST), as well as to the matching ‘ontological’ properties of the meant items above, they allow to set up unified and apparently successful methods to explore important and debated pragmatic issues. Then their usefulness for research in the domain traditionally accorded to speech-act theory is put to (a preliminary) test; and finally the general processual sketch of linguistic activity advanced in the last Sections of P.I is carefully gauged as to its prospects regarding actual implementation of more specific processual sketches of both emission and reception linguistic activities.