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Theoria. Revista de Teoría, Historia y Fundamentos de la Ciencia

Volume 7, Issue 1/2/3, Octubre 1992

Toma A and Toma B

Juan B. Climent Vidal, Jesús Alcolea Banegas
Pages 65-85

Instituciones y heterogeindad

The paper presents and discusses an example, namely a version of heterogeneous frrst-order logic and uses the classical theorem of Herbrand-Schmidt-Wang about the reduction of heterogeneous first-order logic to homogeneous first-order logic, in order to obtain two transformations between heterogeneous and homogeneous frrst-order logic which are different from the institution morphisms defined by Goguen and Burstall. Moreover, by considering a type of 2-cell among institution morphisms it is obtained a 2-category and also a 2-functor from this to another 2-category.

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