Theoria: An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science

Volume 5, Issue 1/2, Noviembre 1990

Miguel de Asúa, Gregorio Klimovsky
Pages 129-140

Ensayo de axiomatización de la teoría tisular y su reducción a la teoría celular

The conceptual framework of this paper is the structural conception of theories as formulated by Sneed-Stegmüller. We present an informal set-theoretical axiomatization of M. F. Xavier Bichat’s theory of the constitution of the organism, which conceived the tissue as the ultimate constitutive element of the living beings, and a reformulation of our previous axiomatization of the cell theory. We propose a tentative relation of reduction between both theories which possibilitates the derivation of the axioms of the tissue theory from those of the cell theory. The limits and problems of the axiomatization are discussed and brief reference is being made to some historical aspects of the reception of the cell theory.