Theoria: An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science

Volume 3, Issue 1/2/3, Octubre/Septiembre 1987/1988

Georges Kalinowski
Pages 45-65

Sur l’analogie entre le déontique et l’aléthique
Logique des normes, logique déontique et leur analogie avec la logique modale alethique

Since Leibniz, the logic of norms is founded on the analogy between the deontic and the alethic. Nevertheless, von Wright, creator of the deontic logic -firstly logic of norms, afterwards logic of normative statements-, holds this analogy responsible for the misadventures of the deontic logic. Now it is not responsible, but only limited so that the miscarriages in question are imputable solely to the overstepping of its limits.