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Theoria. Revista de Teoría, Historia y Fundamentos de la Ciencia

Volume 2, Issue 2/3, Febrero/Septiembre 1987

Jerzy Wroblewski
Pages 309-322

Nature and Man
Dilemma of the Present and the Future

There are three kinds of nature singled out according to the physical contact with the man: “nature immune from man”, “nature touched by man”, and “nature transformed by man”. The latter type is of highest relevance for the man’s present dilemmas. The extrapolation of present tendencies of the man-nature relations is summarized in the two basic dilemma: ecological dilemma/either the development of the modern technologies or the destruction of human ecological environment/, and peace dilemma /either to continue the nuclear arms race or the total nuclear disarmament/. There are four types of situations facing the man when avoiding the negative results of trends in the transformation of nature, which are linked with legal phllosophy. The man-nature relations are axiologically ambivalent because the transformed nature is the challenge, but calls for looking at nature as apart of our life, and to exist with it in in it.

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