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Teaching Ethics


published on March 26, 2021

Phyllis Brown Whitehead, Mark G. Swope, Kimberly Ferren Carter

Impact of a Team-based, Interprofessional Clinical Ethics Immersion on Moral Resilience

Noting that issues raised during clinical bioethics consults at a southeastern US hospital involve the application of basic ethical principles, the Clinical Bioethics Consultation Service developed and piloted an interprofessional ethics immersion. The goal of this 4-week immersion was to improve teamwork and collaboration, support resolution of basic ethical dilemmas, and develop on-site ethics scholars who apply basic ethical principles to challenging clinical situations. The impact of the immersion on ethical environment, team communication, and confidence in resolving of basic ethical dilemmas for interprofessional clinical teams was examined using follow-up interviews with seven of the eight participants from two ethics immersion offerings. Findings support that an interprofessional ethics immersion training is a valuable strategy to improve ethics knowledge and resolve common patient care dilemmas. The unique aspects of this ethics immersion, team-based and interprofessional, are important considerations for ongoing development of clinicians to address the daily challenges encountered in healthcare.

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