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Teaching Ethics


published on August 4, 2015

Stephan Millett, William Budiselik, Andrew Maiorana

Teaching Ethics in Exercise Science

Against a background of scandals involving misuse of drugs and other substances, the discipline of exercise and sports science has come under intense scrutiny. Exercise and Sports Science Australia is the national association for practitioners and among its core functions is the accreditation of university courses in which practitioners are to be trained. One of the important elements for accreditation is that a course should include components dealing with legal and ethical competency. This paper discusses the development of a unit of instruction that addresses legal and ethical competency for exercise science courses via a pedagogical approach predicated on constructed understanding through collaborative learning. The choice to implement such a pedagogical approach was predicated on the authors’ experience in ethics education, an understanding of what a profession is and the idea that for sports and exercise science to be a profession it must help future professionals to understand that they need to adopt a moral fiduciary relationship with discipline peers and clients. Student responses provide rich data as to the effectiveness of the unit.

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