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Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology


Techné publishes peer-reviewed scholarship devoted to the philosophical analysis of technological systems and reflections on the art, craft, science and engineering of making things and getting things done in the world. It is not partial to any philosophical tradition and encourages submissions from philosophers in all fields.

Authors should submit manuscripts online through the journal's ScholarOne manuscript submission site:

Questions about submission procedure should be addressed to the editorial office at [email protected].

Authors of manuscripts accepted for publication must complete a publication agreement to give the journal permission to publish and preserve the author's work. An open access publishing option is available. Information about publication agreements is provided below.

General Requirements

The manuscript should be prepared for anonymized review with no identifying references to you or your institution. Please be careful to check the properties of your file to ensure anonymity.

The first page should contain the title of the paper, an abstract (up to 150 words), and 4-5 keywords or phrases. All pages, including reference list and endnotes, should be numbered.

Your manuscript should be double-spaced, in a 12-point font, and with a 1-inch margin. Total length should preferably not exceed 30 pages (7,500 words), excluding notes and references.

Formatting and Citations

Headings and Subheadings

Headings within an article should be numbered 1, 2, 3, etc. Sub-headings should be numbered 1.1, 1.2, etc.


Notes should be numbered consecutively and included in the manuscript as endnotes rather than footnotes. The endnotes should appear in the manuscript following the reference list. All sources mentioned in the endnotes should be cited in these notes as in-text references.


All references, both in-text and on the reference list, should follow the Chicago author/date citation style.

In-text references: References to the work of a particular author or authors should be cited as (author/s date). No comma is necessary between the name of the author/authors and the date. References to a particular page of a work should be cited as (author/s date, page number).

Reference list: Each submission should include a reference list. All sources cited in the submission, including those in the endnotes, should appear on the list.

Journal articles by a single author should be cited as:

Last name, First name. Year of publication. “Title of article.” Title of Journal Volume(Number): Pages.

Journal articles by two authors should be cited as:

Last name, First name, and First name Last name. Year of publication. “Title of article.” Title of Journal Volume(Number): Pages.

Books by a single author should be cited as:

Last name, First name. Year of publication. Title of Book. Place of Publication: Publisher.

Book chapters published in an edited collection should be cited as:

Last name, First name. Year of publication. “Chapter Title.” In Name of Volume, ed. First Name Last Name, Page Numbers. Place of Publication: Publisher.

Multiple works by the same author should be listed in chronological order of publication.

For additional information on how to cite sources in the Chicago author/date citation style, including articles or books with multiple authors, please see http://library.williams.edu/citing/styles/chicago2.php. A helpful resource on The Chicago Manual of Style is also available here.

If your manuscript includes figures, formulas, illustrations, or symbols, please contact the editors for further submission instructions to ensure accurate publication of these materials.

Review Policy

In most cases, submissions received will be sent out for review within one week after they are received. On occasion, the editors will return a manuscript to the author without sending it out to reviewers. The editors may exercise their right of desk review if a) the subject of the article falls outside of the journal’s scope; b) the article is written in a non-academic style; or c) the philosophical substance of the paper is compromised by a need for intensive copyediting.

Publication Agreements

As a condition of publication in Techné, authors must complete a publication agreement that gives the journal permission to publish and preserve the author's work. There are two options:

1. The Standard publication agreement ensures publication of the journal in all formats, and maintains the author's right to reuse the manuscript in any other publication the author may write or edit. There is no charge to the author for submission or publication.

2. The Open Access publication agreement is available for authors who wish to make the published version of their articles freely accessible. It ensures publication with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License (CC BY-NC 3.0) that gives everyone the unlimited right to copy, download or use the text for non-commercial purposes. This option is sustained by a one-time open access fee.

Techné is published on behalf of the Society for Philosophy and Technology by the Philosophy Documentation Center. It is a non-profit publication.