Teaching Philosophy

Volume 27, Issue 2, June 2004

Katarzyna Paprzycka
Pages 117-125

Teaching Logic as a Foreign Language On-Line

Similar to learning the grammatical structures of a foreign language, one problem that students face in learning logic is that many of the operations and concepts they need to learn require more practice to fully master. To solve this problem, the author proposes the use of “repetitive exercises”, exercises that aim to develop a familiarity with a concept or operation through repeatedly focusing on that concept or operation. According to the author, the best method for implementing these exercises is the use of on-line teaching environments, specifically WebCT, which allows instructors to develop exercises that they deem appropriate and allows for mechanical grading. Finally, the paper provides an overview of why WebCT is preferable to the use of Blackboard, and notes that the major drawback to the online solution is its poor support for the symbols used in propositional and predicate logic.