Thought and Practice: A Journal of the Philosophical Association of Kenya

Volume 5, Issue 2, December 2013

Jonathan Okeke Chimakonam, Sunny Nzie Agu
Pages 57-79

The Epistemology of Womanhood: Ignored Contentions among Igbo Women of Eastern Nigeria

Feminists all over the world are united in their contentions on many fronts such as societal norms and conditions that militate against a woman’s expression of her rights and abilities. In as many fronts, they have gained grounds, if not outright victories. However, we observe that among the Igbo women of Eastern Nigeria there is a front which accounts for substantial female deprivation, and which feminists have consistently passed over in their contentions, namely, the feminine cognition also known as epistemology of womanhood. In this paper, using the random sampling method, we have arrived at the conclusion that consciousness of their own gender has deprived Igbo women of free expression of their rights and abilities, sometimes as much as constraining societal norms and conditions have done. Consequently, we recommend a conscious adjustment of the epistemology of womanhood among Igbo women.