Volume 25, Issue 2, Fall 2021

Rethinking Phenomenology with Edith Stein

Daniele De Santis
Pages 31-47

“Streichen Wir das Bewußtsein, so Streichen Wir die Welt.”
Edith Stein on Husserl’s Transcendental Idealism: Critical Remarks

This paper presents a systematic discussion of Edith Stein’s critical understanding of Husserl’s transcendental-phenomenological idealism. After a brief explanation of the way in which, according to Stein, Husserl’s idealism should be framed, this paper offers an evaluation of her criticism with a special focus on her Introduction to Philosophy lectures of 1920. I argue that if, ultimately, Stein’s rejection of Husserl’s idealism in the text in question is deemed unsuccessful, we must examine the premises on which her own per-spective on the eidetics of nature is based.