Volume 25, Issue 1, Spring 2021

The Everywhere and the Nowhere of Phenomenological Ethics

Donald A. Landes
Pages 1-18

The Everywhere and the Nowhere of Phenomenological Ethics

As a descriptive philosophy, it might seem that the ethical nowhere has its place in phenomenology. And yet, phenomenology is every-where shot through with normative concerns. This section includes articles from the 2018 conference Toward a Phenomenological Ethics, where two themes emerged regarding the elusive place of the ethical in phenomenology: first, research demonstrates that early phenomenology was indeed oriented by the ethical; second, Critical Phenomenology examines ethical questions in terms of intersubjectivity and oppression. In this introduction, I suggest that the place of the ethical in phenomenology implies a certain paradoxical logic of expression, and I consider the relationship between expression and encroachment. This points to a double responsibility for the cultivation of our own virtual and the virtual that we collectively sustain. I conclude with a brief re􀏔lection on how these ideas might help us to rethink our responsibilities in the age of COVID-19.