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Volume 12, Issue 2, Fall/Automne 2008

Nick Srnicek
Pages 110-126

What is to be Done?
Alain Badiou and the Pre-Evental

While Alain Badiou’s resuscitation of the subject has provided continental philosophy with new possibilities for political activism, its reliance on rare events has also paved the way for a potentially paralysing pre-evental situation. The aim of this paper is to examine Badiou’s own writings for hints of a theoretically justified pre-evental politics—one that not only works within the ambit of his philosophical project but is also capable of explaining Badiou’s practical engagements in the politics of France. Two solutions are offered through an examination of the implications of heterogeneous situations: a repetition of events and a pre-evental mobilisation of the uncounted.

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