Southwest Philosophy Review

Volume 40, Issue 1, January 2024

Robyn Gaier
Pages 87-95

Amoral Actions and Relational Knowledge

Amoral actions are actions outside of the moral domain. To establish a way of understanding amoral actions, I will draw upon Dale Dorsey’s agency view which, in sum, maintains that an agent must have a reason to perform an action and be able to perform the action in question based upon that reason. Dorsey focuses upon both cognitive and circumstantial limitations to establish the fact that moral agents can (and do) perform amoral actions. In this paper, however, I will focus upon a kind of deficiency of knowledge that is imparted socially. Some actions of persons suffering from autism seem to fall into the category of amoral actions that I have in mind but, so too, would some actions of persons who suffer from a moral injury. In sum, I aim to expand upon the category of amoral actions among moral agents.