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The Southwestern Journal of Philosophy

Published in cooperation with the Southwestern Philosophical Society, 1970-1980

Alvin E. Keaton and Robert W. Shahan, Editors

The Southwestern Journal of Philosophy published articles from any philosophical perspective concerned with the analysis of the content and method of other disciplines, such as mathematics, sociology, systems analysis, history, and psychology. Each year an issue was dedicated to the proceedings of the annual meeting of the Southwestern Philosophical Society. Established in 1970 and reorganized in 1981, the journal is now published as Philosophical Topics. Access to that journal includes The Southwestern Journal of Philosophy.

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  • Contributors included Robert Audi, Max Cresswell, Donald Davidson, Jorge Gracia, Pete A. Y. Gunter, Larry Hickman, Ralph Mclnerny, Debra Nails, Sandra Rosenthal, and Robert Solomon.

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    · ISSN 0038-481X (print) · 3 issue per year · Print copies are not available ·
    · ISSN 2154-1043 (online) · Online access to volumes 1-11 (1970-1980) with Philosophical Topics ·

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