The Southwestern Journal of Philosophy



Robert W. Shahan
Alvin E. Keaton

Associate Editors

J. N. Mohanty
J. I. Biro
Chris Swoyer
Mary L. Wendler

Book Review Editor

Kenneth R. Merrill

Staff Editor

C. W. Berenda


Terry Cook
Jeanne Crabtree
Lee Dunn
Nancy Johnson
Richard Oliver
Letitia Ozmun
Susan Taylor

Editorial Advisory Board

  • G. E. M. Anscombe, University of Cambridge
  • Roderick Chisholm, Brown University
  • James Edie, Northwestern University
  • Keith Gunderson, University of Minnesota
  • John H. Haddox, University of Texas at EI Paso
  • Lewis E. Hahn, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
  • Ted Kline, Texas Christian University
  • Konstantin Kolenda, Rice University
  • Irwin C. Lieb, University of Texas at Austin
  • W. V. O. Quine, Harvard University
  • Andrew Reck, Tulane University
  • Paul Ricoeur, University of Paris
  • Richard Rorty, Princeton University
  • D. C. Stove, University of Sydney
  • Dallas Willard, University of Southern California
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