Studia Phaenomenologica

Volume 21, 2021

From Witnessing to Testimony

Yasuhiko SugimuraOrcid-ID
Pages 87-112

Témoigner après la « fin de la philosophie »
L’herméneutique radicale du témoignage dans la philosophie française post-heideggérienne

Witnessing after the “end of philosophy,” in the sense in which Heidegger mentions it in his famous lecture on “The end of philosophy and the task of thinking”—what does this mean for us and our world today? As a preparation for an answer to this question, the present study proposes to elaborate a radical hermeneutics of testimony, by invoking French philosophers who can be qualified as “post-Heideggerian”—Lévinas, Ricoeur, Derrida, among others—whose thoughts on testimony were developed through the essential critique on Heideggerian idea of attestation (Bezeugung) and the creative reactivation of the semantic resources historically preserved by terms such as “witness” and “testimony”.