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Studia Phaenomenologica

Volume 20, 2020

Phenomenology and the History of Platonism

Francesco Fronterotta
Pages 167-189

Etre, presence et verite: Platon chez Heidegger (et a rebours)

In this article, I wish to present and discuss some Heideggerian theses concerning the notions of “being,” “presence” and “truth” in Plato’s dialogues, taking as a point of departure Heidegger’s course on Plato’s Sophist given in Marburg in 1924–1925. My aim is to show that the fundamental philosophical link that unites them makes it possible to better understand seemingly obscure aspects of the Platonic conception of being and knowledge as it is presented in particular in the concluding pages of Republic V (476e–479e), to which this article is therefore essentially devoted.