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Studia Phaenomenologica

Volume 12, 2012

Possibilities of Embodiment

Witold Płotka
Pages 311-329

Husserlian Phenomenology as Questioning
An Essay on the Transcendental Theory of the Question

The article presents the transcendental reduction as a type of questioning, and by so doing formulates the problem of the structure and motivation of reduction. Transcendental questioning is presented as a permanent formulation and reformulation of questions, which, it is argued, make it possible to overcome the naïveté of the natural attitude. However, the phenomenologist does not overcome naïveté in the sense of excluding it; instead, he is conscious of it. It is argued that one should understand transcendental questioning as a practical activity that makes the phenomenologist responsible for knowledge by leading toward the essence, which seems to be “unquestionable.”

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