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Studia Phaenomenologica

Volume 6, 2006

A Century with Levinas

Attila Szigeti
Pages 73-96
DOI: 10.7761/SP.6.73

L’autre temps
Lévinas et la phénoménologie husserlienne du temps

This paper attempts to show that the diachronic temporality introduced in the second major work of Levinas is profoundly influenced by the genetic dimension of the Husserlian account of time. It is argued that the different phenomena of this genetic-diachronic temporality, like the past which was never present, the originary retention, and the unpredictable present, are sustaining not just the central idea of Otherwise than being, that of an originary ethical subject, but also the description of the relation with the other, and the phenomenology of language present in this work.

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