Studia Philosophica

Volume 62, Issue 2, 2015

Rostislav Niederle
Pages 123-129

Realism in Art: A Short Note

Art has been considered in one way or another to be in close relation to truth. The goal of each and every author is and has been to relay something vital regarding the world, to express a kind of truth. Most likely no artist has ever wanted intentionally to lie. A work of art that speaks truth is normally described as a realistic one. Does this mean that the concept of realism as something expressing truth is related to all works of art? Is realism a trivial concept? The goal of this paper is to attempt to clarify the concept of artistic realism in a simple way. To begin, some thoughts about artistic realism are introduced. In the following parts, e. g. a brief attempt to clarify realism based on possible worlds semantics is made. It is stated that the more true a representation is, the less informative it is. The most realistic work wouldn’t in conclusion say anything. So, the possible world semantics is found to be not proper tool for our goal. Finally, a proposal for a natural concept of artistic realism as a meaningful component of a critics’ vocabulary is proposed.