Studia Philosophica

Volume 61, Issue 2, 2014

Zlatica Plašienková
Pages 29-45

Münzova teória poznania na pozadí kritiky marxistickej teórie odrazu v šesťdesiatych rokoch minulého storočia

The author of this paper clarifies some gnoseological views of Slovak philosopher Teodor Münz. He formulated his opinions on the background of critics of Marxist theory of reflection in the 1960s and he published them in a series of articles at that time. The author of the article highlights Münz´s objections to this theory and arguments which point to non-dialectic understanding of practice as criterion of truth. She also reflects Münz´s understanding of development of knowledge, relations between truth and fault and other epistemological problems. These problems have been at the center of Münz’s interest until now. They are a proof of the metamorphosis of his noetic opinions.