Sign Systems Studies

Volume 31, Issue 2, 2003

М. Паладян
Pages 365-375

Функция характеризации в настоящем времени

Michel Paladian. Function of characterization in present tense. This article is devoted to a field in cognitive and semantic analysis where stylistics and grammar meet: it concerns the function of characterisation in the Present tense. In general, linguistic works, which are devoted to the Present tense, take into account only the time and the aspect. However, from a point of cognitive view, the values of the Present are not limited to the Verb; they also relate to the values of the Adjective. We must thus take into consideration not only the Time conceptualisation (time features), but also the Space conceptualisation (space features). We know, since Davidson, how the event, which the Verb represents, can be broken up into phases; it is to the one of these phases that the function of actualisation is attached. Actualisation is parallel to the function of characterisation specific to the Adjective. As such this phase seizes, retains and assimilates entities and processes of the world in their instantaneous appearance. This cognitive operation can also be analyzed on another level: on the level of visual work.