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Social Imaginaries

Published 2015-2019 by Zeta Books

Suzi Adams and Jeremy Smith, Coordinating Editors

Social Imaginaries is a peer-reviewed journal that examines complexes of cultural meaning and cultural projects of power. It presupposes an understanding of society as a political institution, which is formed — and forms itself — in historical constellations, and through encounters with other cultures and civilizational worlds. An emphasis on “imaginaries” points to interrelated trends: it reveals the modern concern with the social imagination as truly creative rather than reproductive; it highlights the phenomenon of collectively instituted meaning and its inter-cultural variations; it provides a corrective to a one-sided focus on ‘reason’ as the central tenet (or promise) of modernity; finally, it underscores the ongoing hermeneutical turn in the human sciences.

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  • Social Imaginaries pursued intersecting debates on (inter)cultural and historical varieties of meaning, power and socially instituted worlds. It ceased publication with the completion of volume 5 (2019).

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    · ISSN 2457-2926 (online) · Online access includes volume 1-5 (2015-2019) ·

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