Volume 32, Issue 1, 2015

Юрґен Штольценберґ
Pages 118-127

Мартин Гайдеґер читає Фіхте

A new world opened up before Heidegger when he lectured on Fichte, Hegel and Schelling for the first time in the summer term of 1929. This is what Heidegger wrote to Karl Jaspers in June, 1929. The paper shows how Heidegger interpreted Fichte. In lecturing on Fichte, Heidegger became aware of the original quality of Fichte’s philosophy in relation to his own theory in Being and Time. Heidegger tried to give Fichte’s view its due precisely with the aim of emphasizing and underlining the justness of his own claims. This can be seen in the way Heidegger interpreted the foundation of Fichte’s early Wissenschaftslehre. Following Heidegger, the third basic principle with its concept of limitation has to be the very fundamental principle. Secondly, Heidegger rejected technical aspects of deduction and systematic character of Fichte’s Wissenschaftslehre. Interpreting the content of Fichte’s concept of «Tathandlung» and his theory of imagination Heidegger sees a perspective that he develops in Being and Time.