Volume 32, Issue 1, 2015

Віталій Терлецький
Pages 100-117

Аристотелева теорія часу у світлі феноменологічної традиції

The paper deals with reconstitution of tradition, whose representatives (M. Heidegger, W. Bröcker, E. Fink, K.-H. Volkmann-Schluck, K. Held, G. Figal) at any given time in their own way interpret the doctrine of time in Aristotle’s «Physics» in the phenomenological resp. hermeneutic perspective. It focuses on the relation of time and change, the problems of identity and difference of «now», temporal and timeless meaning of próteron – hýsteron, the relationship of time and soul, the sense of «being-in-time» thesis. In this tradition the need for «a systematic reconstruction» of the Stagirite’s arguments and examination of coherence of certain propositions is frequently emphasized, This is motivated, on the one hand, by the development of temporal thematic within phenomenology itself, and, on the other hand, by the dissociation from only historical or philological reading of this classical text.