Volume 30, Issue 1, 2014

Could "National Philosophy" Be Strictly Defined Research Object?

Владимир Демьянов
Pages 166-181

Догматизм Forever, Ничего Нового

This article is an answer to the article by Andriy Bogachov “Sacrificium intellectus. A re-presentation of modern dogmatism”. The author, trying to abstract as far as possible from a personal context, attempts to argue for the legitimacy of Christian metaphysics in contempo-rary philosophy. The field of discourse is outlined by the distinction between the concepts “knowledge/faith” and “subject/personality (hypostasis)”. The key question is ontological priority of a personal modus of being over individual-subjective modus, and, respectively, faith as a condition of a possibility of knowledge and human image of being, since human being is portrayed here as a being that knows itself, as an identity of being and knowledge.