Volume 30, Issue 1, 2014

Could "National Philosophy" Be Strictly Defined Research Object?

Сергій ЙосипенкоOrcid-ID
Pages 52-61

Національні Філософські Традиції Як Предмет Історико-Філософської Рефлексії

The article analyses the use of the idea and notion of national philosophy in the studies of the history of Ukrainian philosophy. Particularly, studying the writings of Dmytro Chyzhevskyi and Vilen Horskyi, there were analysed problems of applying the descriptive strategy in this field. The strategy consists in finding phenomena in the history of philosophy which could correspond to the notion of national philosophy. The institutional approach is put forward as an approach which can unite various phenomena, making up the contemporary canon of the history of philosophy of Ukraine. The proposed approach supplements and deepens a cultural approach, suggested by Vilen Horskyi, with the application of methods of social philosophy. It consists in study into national philosophical traditions as institutions which allow forming and interconnection between different modes of philosophizing within a national culture.