Volume 29, Issue 2, 2013

Philosophy and Russian Literature

Андрій БогачовOrcid-ID
Pages 193-203

Sacrificium Intellectus, Або Обличчя Сучасного Догматизму

The paper argues against Orthodox dogmatic metaphysics of Vladimir Demyanov, а Kiev philosopher. The author offers a view on V. Demyanov’s place in Russian-speaking tradition of religious philosophy. Based on the analysis of V. Demyanov’s paper “Ideas to Orthodox Dogmatic Metaphysics” (2010–2011), he concludes that the tradition has met its end. The fact is presented as the ironic and contradictory V. Demyanov’s return to the Orthodox dogmatism, which Russian-language religious philosophy was trying to overcome. The author gives a detailed refutation of V. Demyanov’s arguments, such as inevitable confessional division of philosophical theories, the falsity of the Western “discursive” philosophy, the normativity of paternalism.