Volume 24, Issue 1, 2011

Сергей СекундантOrcid-ID
Pages 26-39

Субъект И Достоверность. Нормативнокритические Основания Понятия Субъекта У Лейбница

Examining the problem of subject in close relation with the problem of certainty, Leibniz demarcates in this matter several different points of view and, respectively, sev-eral different notions of subject. Therefore, although Leibniz uses the term “subject” pre-dominantly in metaphysical meaning, in the controversies, nevertheless, he distinguishes at least five meanings of this term: empirical, gnosiological, epistemical, phenomenologi-cal and metaphysical. Since he understood philosophy as the constantly developing sys-tem, and its development– expression of human spirit striving for bigger certainty, the bearer of such knowledge Leibniz views niether empirical nor even the transcendental subject, but the whole humanity in the history of its development. The God in Leibniz’ system also is the special kind of subject.