Volume 22, Issue 1, 2010

Сергей СекундантOrcid-ID, Руслан Меламед
Pages 86-101

Лейбниц И Каббала

The main objective of this paper is to determine whether the mystical currents and, inparticular, a cabbalah one have influenced the formation of the Leibniz's philosophicalsystem. Authors try to prove that the philosophy of Leibniz is based on the rational bases.If it is possible to speak about Leibniz's mysticism it is rather a Christian mysticism, thanthe Cabbalistic. It concerns mainly relations between the person and God, but not thesystem of Leibniz, which excludes any ambiguity and does not provide for any mysticintervention in a course of nature. And though Leibniz's mysticism concerns one of thebasic concepts of his rationalistic system concept of natural light, – nevertheless it ismuch more correctly to speak about rationalization of mysticism by Leibniz, than aboutthe mystical bases of his rationalism.