The Modern Schoolman

Volume 89, Issue 1/2, January/April 2012

The Variety of Second Scholasticism

Daniel Heider
Pages 47-63

John Poinsot (1589–1644) on the Universale Materialiter Sumptum
A Dual Viewpoint

The paper deals with Poinsot’s ontology of universals presented not only in the Material Logic but also in the volume devoted to the Natural Philosophy of his Thomistic Philosophical Course. Currently, it takes into account also the often neglected Theological Course. The author states that there are two different positions as far as the issue of the ontology of universals is concerned, which prima facie lead to the doctrinal tension in Poinsot’s corpus. On one hand, in the Ars Logica, the extramental nature is said to be particularized and only virtually distinct from the individuating (metaphysical) grade. On the other, in the Philosophia Naturalis and the Cursus Theologicus, it is supposed to be common to the numerically different singulars and thus really different from individuation. The author solves this seeming contradiction by referring to two different levels of the analysis implicit in Poinsot’s treatment of the issue.