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Radical Philosophy Association (RPA)


History and Purpose

Originating in 1968 as the Radical Caucus within the American Philosophical Association, the Radical Philosophy Association was estalished as a separate organization in 1982. While continuing to hold alternative sessions at the APA meetings, it also began to hold occasional weekend conferences of its own as well, including a series of conferences on Class, Race and Gender.

Since 1990, RPA has been the principal organizer of an annual conference in Havana, in an effort to establish contacts between Cuban and North American philosophers and social scientists.

From its beginning the RPA has pursued a range of publishing activities, beginning with the RPA Newsletter. From 1990-1996 it published a semi-annual journal, the Radical Philosophy Review of Books. In 1998 it established the scholarly journal Radical Philosophy Review, which is now distributed to members as a benefit of RPA membership. From 2000-2007 it produced the book series Radical Philosophy Today.

In 1994 the RPA held its first conference at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. These conferences have continued every two years since that time. More information about the RPA is available at the association's web site -


RPA considers its enterprise to be inherently interdisciplinary, and therefore welcomes members from any academic discipline as well as persons not trained in philosophy. JOIN NOW!