Roczniki Filozoficzne

Volume 70, Issue 4, 2022

Studies in the History of the Modern Idea of Toleration

Juliusz Domański
Pages 61-86

Fausto Sozzini’s Explicatio Primae Partis Primi Capitis Euangelii Ioannis and Its Erasmian Exegesis

The paper compares the method of Biblical interpretation used by Erasmus of Rotterdam with the method of Socinus, raising the question of the extent to which the method outlined by Socinus in his Explicatio primae partis primi capitis Euangelii Joannis can be seen as continuous and and consonant with the method of Erasmus, and to what extent it should be seen as its rejection or modification. In addition, the essay outlines similarities and differences, with respect to both method and content, between Erasmus' Adnotationes and Socinus’ Explicatio