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Roczniki Filozoficzne

Volume 68, Issue 4, 2020

Evolution-Creationism: An Open Debate

Tomasz JarmużekOrcid-ID, Krzysztof KrawczykOrcid-ID, Rafał PalczewskiOrcid-ID
Pages 291-313

Knowability as De Re Modality
A Certain Solution to Fitch Paradox

In the paper, we try to find a new, intuitive solution to the Fitch paradox. We claim that traditional expression of Knowability Principle (p → ◊Kp) is based on erroneous understanding of knowability as de dicto modality. Instead, we propose to understand knowability as de re modality. In the paper we present the minimal logic of knowability in which Knowability Principle is valid, but Fitch Paradox does not hold anymore. We characterize the logic semantically as well as by an axiomatic and tableaux procedure approach.