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Roczniki Filozoficzne

Volume 34, Issue 3, 1986

Filozofia Przyrody

Józef E. Zon
Pages 183-201

A Background Area for Biomicroelectronics in the Science of Bioelectricity

Bioeleotronics is a branch of science of bioelectricity dealing with biological systems and life processes from the angle of either physical or applied electronics with an Im to describe the electronic properties of biosystems and to establish their role in physiological phenomena, including the coupling that exists between the biological systems and their environment. Quantum biochemistry, physics of biological solid stat e,and the studies in the dependence of organisms on the external factors which may be realized with the involvement of the electronic features of biostructures have been the three domains mainly contributing to the bioelectronic research. Because of the difficulties stemming from the complexity of organisms as well as from the lack of methodological and semantical studies, bio- electronics as a whole seems presently to be in a phase of slowing down its development. This does not hold true, however, as far as the development of biomicroe- lectronios a new subdomain in bioelectronics, is concerned. In fact, this biology-oriented counterpart of molecular electronics has been inherent in most of the bioelectronic studies since the very beginning of this discipline.

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