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Volume 66, Issue 4, Fall 2014

Essays on Values in Literature

Dana Greene
Pages 273-282
DOI: 10.5840/renascence201466420

To Praise and Live as “Love’s Apprentice”
The Poetry of Anne Porter

Anne Channing Porter’s poetry gives witness to an inner life nurtured by a love of the natural world and purified by suffering from a turbulent domestic life. At age eighty-two, she was named a National Book Award finalist for her first collection of poetry. In her poems, she aims for transparency and the revelation of mystery inherent in everyday life. A convert to Catholicism, Porter rejected the designation “religious” poet; nonetheless, her poems combine a contemplative seeing, an incarnational awareness of spirit in matter, and a prophetic urgency to live as “Love’s apprentice,” responding with compassion toward those of “humble goodness.”

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