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Radical Philosophy Review

Volume 22, Issue 1, 2019

Nathan Eckstrand
Pages 59-84

Does Fidelity to Revolutionary Truths Undo Itself?
Systems Theory on Badiou and Žižek

This article examines Alain Badiou’s and Slavoj Žižek’s advocacy for fidelity to revolutionary truths in light of complex system theory’s understanding of resiliency. It begins with a discussion of how Badiou and Žižek describe truth. Next, it looks at the features that make a complex system resilient. The article argues that if we understand neoliberalism as a resilient system, then the fidelity to revolutionary truths that Badiou and Žižek advocate is not enough, for it doesn’t realize how truths come from the system as a whole. The article concludes by describing how this viewpoint alters discussions of political change.

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