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Radical Philosophy Review

Volume 16, Issue 1, 2013

Critical Refusals, Part 1

Lucio Angelo Privitello
Pages 109-122
DOI: 10.5840/radphilrev201316113

Teaching Marcuse
A Critical Pedagogy of Aesthetic Dimensions

In “The Aesthetic Dimension” (Eros and Civilization), Marcuse envisions an aesthetic pedagogy as a crucible of the potentialities of human existence. A review of Marcuse’s use of Schiller and Otto Rank highlights Marcuse’s middle-period reflections on aesthetics—signaling the call for an aesthetic ethos where “technique would . . . tend to become art, and art would tend to form reality” (An Essay on Liberation). A reexamination of various interpretations of Marcuse’s insights on aesthetic education precedes the proposal of a critical pedagogy of aesthetic dimensions that would enhance “creative receptivity” and foster a “third way” in teaching Marcuse’s “The Aesthetic Dimension.”