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  • Anti-Racist Politics and Social Crisis
  • The wave of protests challenging police violence against Black people has been so far the most widespread democratic upheaval in the present period of overlapping social crises. The focus on “defunding the police” illuminates multiple issues about racism and the need for institutional change. The Black Lives Matter movement casts a harsh light on the unequal burdens that are imposed on the victims of racism by the pandemic, climate change, growing economic inequality, and the militaristic unraveling of liberal democracy.

    Radical Philosophy Review seeks contributions to an ongoing discussion of the issues facing anti-racist politics in the US. Racism is so pervasive that none of the grave social issues facing contemporary society can be addressed without identifying it as a constitutive feature of economic, political, and cultural life. What does this imply for anti-racist politics in general and the response to the public health, environmental, economic, and political crises in particular? For philosophers, these are questions about appropriate concepts and forms of understanding as well as about the practical roles and responsibilities of intellectuals.

    Themes we seek to address include contemporary forms of racism, state and political violence, relevant forms of knowledge, normative commitments, identity formation, redistribution and institutional reform, radical re-imagining of the economic system, effective democratic action, resistance, and the relevance of nonviolence.

    We welcome submissions and proposals for articles and book reviews as well as nontraditional forms of discussion such as short essays, conversations, or interviews. We see this as an ongoing project and encourage discussion formats that underline conflicting options and persisting uncertainties.

    Submissions should be sent as e-mail attachments (preferably in Word format) to the editor, Harry van der Linden, at [email protected]. See the Submission Guidelines for more information regarding style and formatting.


    The Radical Tradition, Politics, and Climate Change

    The Radical Philosophy Review invites article submissions (of no more than 10,000 words) for a special edition on the theme “The Radical Tradition, Politics, and Climate Change.” We are particularly interested in papers addressing from a radical perspective questions like the following: What is politically necessary to prevent at this juncture disastrous climate change? Is the project feasible, how does it relate to struggles of climate justice, and how can the Left contribute to its realization? Why has effective carbon mitigation thus far been unsuccessful and what may happen politically if it continues to fall short? How should the Left respond to disaster capitalism, militarized adaption to climate change, and the like?

    Guidelines for Submissions

    Manuscripts (of no more than 10,000 words) should be sent as e-mail attachments (preferably in MS Word) to the editors of the special issue. Please attach two copies, one of which is prepared for blind refereeing with all direct or indirect references to the author removed. Include an abstract of no more than 100 words, as well as a short author bio of no more than 60 words. Citation style should follow the Chicago Manual of Style with short-title citations in the footnotes and a list of references at the end of the article.

    Submissions are due November 1, 2019. Early submissions are welcome. Accepted papers may be posted in final format on Online First by the Philosophy Documentation Center. We especially welcome submissions representing radical perspectives from under-represented and/or marginalized groups.

    Editors of the Special Issue:

    • Harry van der Linden, Editor of the Radical Philosophy Review. Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Butler University. E-mail: [email protected]
    • Reed M. Kurtz, Guest Editor. PhD candidate in Political Science, Ohio State University. E-mail: [email protected]

    Published biannually since 1998, the Radical Philosophy Review provides an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed forum for activist scholars, community activists, and artists to explore concepts central to the humanistic transformation of society. It features original articles, special discussions, and reviews that will be of interest to those who share the view that society should be built on cooperation rather than competition, and that social decision-making should be governed by democratic procedures. The journal is sponsored by the Radical Philosophy Association and published by the Philosophy Documentation Center.