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Questions: Philosophy for Young People


Questions features short articles, discussions, drawings, critiques, poetry, and other writings by philosophy students of all ages. We also seek to engage children in advanced philosophical thinking through related and common works of art. We publish unsolicited submissions from educators and students, as well as the prize-winning essays from PLATO contests.

Questions is published annually by the Philosophy Documentation Center, in cooperation with the Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization.

What We Are Looking For

Questions is looking for a variety of content written by a various age groups in order to document different phases of philosophical inquiry. Accepted items include:

  • Short Articles
  • Discussions
  • Drawings
  • Critiques
  • Poetry
  • Lesson Plans
  • Children’s Classroom Experiences/ Reactions to Philosophy
  • Book reviews
  • Other Thought Provoking Ideas

Submission Guidelines

As part of our anonymous review selection, we consider all submissions for correctness, accuracy and quality of thought for the writer’s age.

1. We are always accepting submissions. The deadline for each issue is April 30th.

2. All submissions are be email to: [email protected].

3. Written submissions should be sent in Word format (.docx, .doc, .rtf).

4. Please cite and format scholarly articles according to the guidelines in the Chicago Manual of Style. A helpful resource on The Chicago Manual of Style is available here. Please use endnotes rather than footnotes.

5. Images (photographs, drawings, paintings, etc.) should be submitted as uncompressed JPG image files with at least a 300 dpi resolution.

Be sure to include your contact information with your submissions. If your submission is accepted for publication a copyright release will be required to permit publication and preservation in Questions.

More Information

Contact the editor for more information.

Wendy C. Turgeon
St. Joseph’s College

E-mail: [email protected]