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Volume 6, 1994

Rationality I

Gerhard Preyer
Pages 134-176
DOI: 10.5840/protosociology199469

Die Rationalitätsbegriffe des Handelns Eine Grundlegung zu einer Typologie sozialen Handelns

For understanding human action rationality is a fundamental poin of point. A prototheory of social science elaborate the types of social action under the conceptualization of rationalization and human freedom in societies. On this way it must be distinguished two - not interchangeable - concepts of rationalization: the rationality of purpose e.g. the rational choice of means (Zweckrationalität) and the rationality of understanding (Verständigungsrationalität). Language behaviour has for this conceptualization the status of the frametheory. But actions are not identical with language behaviour and are based on language external ressources. The conceptualizations of concepts of rationality are basic-assumptions for the construction of a structure-model of societal rationalization.

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