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Volume 3, Juli 1992

Lebenswelt und System I

Reinhold Schmitt
Pages 123-131
DOI: 10.5840/protosociology1992324

Das Konzept der Präsenzfigur
Ein Beitrag zur Integration von Konversationsanalyse und objektiver Hermeneutik

The concept "Präsenzfigur" combines conversation analysis and objektive Hermeneutik to show how language structure and social meaning are related. The concept concentrates on the local sensitivity of interactional structures. Empirical data are not taken to show the realization of contextfree general structures (e.g. turn taking conditional relevance). Contextsensitivity is analysed both as document and result of the selectivity, inherent in the participants’ activities in contributing to the local construction of social organization according to their dominant orientations as participants. For empirical analysis a four step modell (including maximal and minimal contrast) is proposed.

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